Have You Seen These Programs for Phlebotomy Training in San Diego?

Picking the right phlebotomy training in San Diego can be tricky. You need proper training for health related occupations such as phlebotomy, medicine, and nursing. And with demand for phlebotomy on the rise, you want to pick the right place to take classes. Several training centers can be found at some locations in this place, and it can be confusing to know where to go.

If you live in San Diego and want to become a phlebotomist, consider these three phlebotomy classes in San Diego.

Family Health Services Training Center


phlebotomy training san diego

3500 5th Ave., # 203
San Diego, CA 92103


The Family Health Services Training Center offers a basic, advanced, and full course phlebotomy training program. The program takes approximately 6 weeks duration and runs about 170 hours. The total cost of the full course training is $2100. The full course is recommended for people who have no experience at all. It includes both basic and advanced courses and completes a 40 hours lecture, a practical instruction for 50 hours, and an on the job training for 80 hours in the clinical setting. The basic course, having 20 hours duration, is for the people who want a limited phlebotomy license. The 20 hours advanced course is suggested for people having at least six months of experience. A proof of high school diploma is the only requirement needed to enroll in the phlebotomy training program.

 Universal Schools & Colleges


phlebotomy training san diego2

2650 Camino Del Rio North, Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92108

Universal Schools & Colleges offers a very quick phlebotomy program. In addition, they offer assistance in creating resumes and job placement. Phlebotomy students have access to an open lab where you can practice your sticks and get more experience to place on your resume.

The course offered is about 4 weeks of training. If you are only interested in phlebotomy, you may want to consider another program that offers more hands-on time with phlebotomy.  Consider a program that would take several months to complete so you can perform at least 100 sticks. This program is good for those who just need to complete a requirement for an MLT program in San Diego or for those who want to enhance their application for a CLS programs.

Other Programs for Phlebotomy in California

If neither of the above programs interest you, you may want to consider other schools that specialize in medical training in California. The following schools specialize in teaching students interested in establishing a career in medicine. You may contact them to receive more information about their courses.

Which course should you choose?

There are many options for phlebotomy training programs in San Diego. However before choosing, you should consider some important factors such

  • Duration – Are you looking to get a job quickly? Many phlebotomy programs can be completed in a matter of weeks.
  • Cost – Remember, you get what you pay for. Sometimes the lowest cost option may seem the best, but it may come at the expense of less attentive instructors.
  • Requirements – Some courses may not provide the requirements you’re looking for. Make sure to speak with admissions at a potential school, and discuss whether or not their program will fit your needs.
  • Quality of learning – You should view reviews of the course on sites like Yelp.com. Read student reviews. They’ve experienced the classes you’re considering, and their stories will enlighten you on what a class is really like.

These are a few notes that you need to consider when looking for the top programs for your phlebotomy training. Once you’ve completed this, opportunities will open up for you. If you’re taking any of this programs, then you might as well check the top hospitals for phlebotomy jons in San Diego.

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