5 Reasons You Might Think Twice Before Choosing Phlebotomy Training Online

In a world that is increasingly more reliant on technology, many students consider getting an education online.  While online certificate and degree programs are convenient and schedule-friendly, there are also many disadvantages.  Unfortunately, online programs lack the ability to truly guarantee a learner’s comprehension of the course material.  Online Phlebotomy courses are no exception.  It is essential to assess your goals and make a choice that will not only fit your schedule, but will provide you with the best education.  We have compiled a list of 5 reasons why phlebotomy training online may not be the best choice for your education:

1. No Personal Interaction with Instructors

The students can only interact with instructors through email, video chatting, phone calls, and websites provided by the online training program. While these are all valid methods of communication, they lack the personal interaction that is critical to student-teacher relationships. Conventional learning methods will not be possible with an online course.  There is no give and take with the instructor as there would be in a traditional classroom.  Phlebotomy is a very intricate skill that requires an experienced instructor and personal interaction with students.

2. No In-Person Experience

Every phlebotomy certification requires some component of clinical experience. You can’t sit for your certification exam with only the online education component. Depending on which certification exam you are interested in, there are a certain number of live blood draws you will need to complete.  A career in Phlebotomy is one that will require lots of hands-on activities and your Phlebotomy education should also provide you with that opportunity. Many of the skills that Phlebotomists perform are manual and cannot be mastered unless you are in a laboratory or clinic setting with actual patients and actual equipment.  It is a disservice to not receive the vital live experience that a classroom setting provides.

3. You Need to be a Little Tech Savvy

When enrolling in an online training course, students are expected to be proficient in using the computer for a variety of activities.  You must  know how to email, link into live and prerecorded feeds and submit homework and assignments online.  If you are someone who needs help with putting an attachment on your email then an online Phlebotomy course is probably not for you.

4. You Miss Out on the “College Experience”

College is a time when you not only work on your education, but you build relationships.  You will be surrounded by people who may have similar interests and goals.  Socialization is one of the benefits of attending a traditional school. Not only will you be able to make friends in the classroom setting, but you will be able to find study partners and groups that will help enhance your learning experience. An online Phlebotomy program won’t provide the social aspect of schooling and also doesn’t allow the added benefit of peers who can study with you.  With the online option, you really are limited to interaction via the internet.  Additionally, students won’t enjoy extra-curricular activities like joining clubs or work-study programs.

5. No Graduation Ceremony

Unlike most traditional schools, online schools don’t usually offer graduation ceremonies. Your complete education experience is limited to what is delivered online. After the hard work that it takes to complete your Phlebotomy program, you deserve a graduation to celebrate your efforts!

Online college is an option that you may consider, but keep in mind what you might miss by not opting for a traditional Phlebotomy program.

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