Have You Seen These Programs for Phlebotomy Training in Baltimore?

As phlebotomy jobs continue to rise, phlebotomy training in Baltimore will continue to expand. Several classes now teach Baltimore residents how to become a phlebotomist. Below we have reviewed several option that are a combination of quality teaching and reasonable pricing.

Doctor’s Help

doctors help

3455 Wilkens Ave
Baltimore, MD 21229

Doctor’s Help offers training workshops in a range of healthcare fields, including Phlebotomy. The program is held in National Baltimore and Harbor, and the workshop is approximately five weeks. There are only ten spaces, so early registration is a must, and a fee is due at registration. However, there is payment plan if you require assistance for the tuition and fee.

Doctor’s help also offers workshops for medical billing services, job search counseling, interviewing techniques, resume development, and quite a few other skills.


Stein Academy


600 Reisterstown Rd
Baltimore, MD 21208

Stein Academy is an accredited and approved medical training center that can assist students in beginning a career in health care. Stein Academy offers a Phlebotomy course that is designed to give students the skills they will need to obtain an entry-level career in Phlebotomy.

Students that have already taken college courses, or have a high school diploma or GED from an English speaking college may not be required to take admission exams, but all others aspiring students must.


Baltimore City Community College

balt city comm coll

2901 Liberty Heights Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21215-7807

While enrolled in the Certified Phlebotomy Technician training program at the Baltimore City Commune College, students must complete a course called Specimen Collection and Venipuncture Techniques. The course includes 59 lecture hours and 25 hours of simulated laboratory instruction.

Students will learn how to collect blood, stool, throat cultures, and urine. They will, also, be taught how to process and prepare specimens, and have an overview of Anatomy and Universal Precautions.

The Community College of Baltimore County

comm coll balt count

800 S. Rolling Road,
Baltimore, MD 21228-5317

The Phlebotomy or Venipuncture Training Program at the Community College of Baltimore County is made up of two courses; Specimen Collection & Venipuncture Clinical and Specimen Collection & Venipuncture Techniques.

The first course will be taught in a clinical setting, and students will achieve hands-on training in venipuncture. The second course teaches students the hypothesis behind venipuncture and additional methods of specimen collection. It permits students to perform these skills in a classroom laboratory. Students will learn how to perform throat cultures, collect blood and bodily fluids, and create samples for testing.


Other Programs for Phlebotomy in Maryland

If neither of the above programs interest you, you may want to consider other schools that specialize in medical training in Maryland. The following schools specialize in teaching students interested in establishing a career in medicine. You may contact them to receive more information about their courses.

All Phlebotomy programs offer you a wonderful chance to further your education. Always be sure to visit a school’s website and read reviews on Yelp.com before you make a decision.

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