5 Reasons Why a Phlebotomy Technician Certification Can Change Your Life

In recent years, Phlebotomy Technician has become a highly desirable career path.

Not only is the pay good, but the hours are flexible and the career opportunities are endless.

The healthcare industry includes a wide array of professions at varying levels of education. Phlebotomy is not only a great career, but it can be a fantastic stepping stone to a career in medicine. It is an excellent addition to your skill set if you plan to continue your education.

However, if that doesn’t convince you, here are five more reasons why you should earn a Phlebotomy Technician Certification:

1. You Can Start School Today – There is usually no educational prerequisite to start a phlebotomy training program.  It is possible to train as a phlebotomist even if your highest educational level is a high school diploma or any equivalent certification. Programs have start dates throughout the year so you can get started quickly.  The training can take several weeks or months depending on the program you choose. By completing a training course, you will gain understanding of medical terminology and anatomy and physiology of the human body, which are essential parts of the job.  Once you have completed your program, you will become eligible to sit for the Phlebotomy Technician Certification exam.  This certification can be acquired through the American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians and National Phlebotomy Association.

2. Endless Career Growth Potential – There is tremendous growth potential for individuals who want to start a successful career. You can work in many different areas and choose the one that fits your needs.  For example, if you want to progress to a career as a Laboratory Technician, you may choose to work in a hospital where you could transition into a Laboratory Technician job after you complete your college degree. Earning your phlebotomy certification can prepare you for many other related career paths such as: Patient Care Technician, Nursing Assistant, and even a Hospital/Staff Nurse. There is potential to earn promotions to management positions such as Phlebotomy Supervisor. It is also helpful in developing your professional identity and learning the ethics of medicine.

3. Good pay – Phlebotomists have a reasonable starting salary. While becoming a phlebotomist won’t make you rich, you will earn a decent salary while gaining professional experience. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage of phlebotomists in 2012 was about $29,730. Pay also varies with the area in which you choose to work.  Specialty areas tend to pay more than hospitals.  Salaries continue to grow with each passing year, and the sooner you begin your career, the sooner you can start gaining experience and commanding a higher salary.

4. High employment opportunity – The US Bureau of Labor Statistics continues to predict steady growth in all areas of healthcare, including phlebotomy.  Not only are there numerous job opportunities, there are just as many types of Phlebotomy jobs.

Phlebotomy jobs can be found in:

  • laboratories
  • clinics
  • hospitals
  • doctor’s offices
  • insurance companies
  • medical centers
  • elderly care facilities
  • blood donation centers
  • academic institutions.

If you are seeking a career that gives you variety and the potential for career growth, then phlebotomy would be an ideal choice.

5. Flexible hours – The businesses that generally employ phlebotomists tend to have around the clock service, so theywill often have flexible scheduling options.  You can choose to work at a time of day that works for you and your busy life.  There are day, evening or night shifts and even rotating shifts with several days off.  If you choose to work where you do home blood draws, your schedule may be even more flexible.

 These are the five great reasons why getting your Phlebotomy Technician Certification can change your life for the better. If you decide to become a phlebotomist, start today and put your whole heart into everything you do. Your efforts will be rewarded.  It is just the beginning to a dream career in the world of healthcare.

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