The 7 Phlebotomy Supplies You Must Have Ready

As a professional Phlebotomy Technician, there are certain supplies that are critical to have available to perform your job.  Think of these supplies as your weapons as you go to war.  You need to be ready all the times, equipped with all of the supplies you could need.  This will allow you to gain a reputation as a professional who is ready for any challenge.

The 7 phlebotomy supplies you must have ready at all times

1. Safety Lancets

safety lancets

Safety lancets keep blood draws safer and less painful

These lancets are used for extracting capillary blood samples.  Lancets are becoming less painful, making the testing process less burdensome.  Samples can be taken from fingertips and even forearms.

When selecting the best type of safety lancet to keep in your supplies, it is very important to consider safety and design.  The tip of the lancet should be sealed and protected in order to avoid contamination and accidental sticks.

2. Alcohol Prep Pads

prep pads

Clean the skin before a blood draw with a prep pad

Alcohol prep pads are the method of choice for skin prep prior to venipunture. They are also useful to disinfect your stethoscope or other laboratory equipment.  You should have lots of alcohol prep pads on hand at all times.

3. Gauze Sponges

gauze sponges

Keep gauze sponges ready. Blood draws can get messy.

Gauze sponges are useful for cleaning up a messy blood draw and for putting pressure on the venipuncture site.  They can serve as extra padding in a bandage and also provide protection from bacteria and dirt. There are different types to choose from, such as ABD pads, gauze fluff rolls, non-adhering dressing, self-adhering foam and other types of gauze sponges.

4. Adhesive Bandages

adhesive bandages

Adhesive bandages can help adhere bandages and prevent swelling.

Adhesive bandages are used to compress on sprains, strains, as well as contusions in order to control swelling and reduce internal bleeding. Phlebotomy technicians use these bandages to secure dressings and apply pressure to prevent hematoma formation.

5. Cotton Balls

cotton balls

Cotton balls help in many situations. From blood draws to cleaning.

Cotton balls are one of the basic phlebotomy supplies that you need to have. They can serve as padding for a bandage instead of gauze or even clean up messes that might occur.

6. Tourniquets


Keep that tourniquet ready. This is a critical tool to performing venipuncture.

Although tourniquets are traditionally used to control blood loss, it serves a different function for the Phlebotomy Technician.  The tourniquet is applied to engorge veins prior to venipuncture.    You should have a stock of disposable tourniquets ready for all blood draws.

7. Blood Drawing Chairs

blood drawing chairs

Keep your patient safe and comfortable while sitting in a comfy seat.

This piece of equipment need not be brought along with you, but it is good to have these phlebotomy chairs in your laboratory.  They are specially designed to make the patient comfortable and safe during the procedure.  Additionally, this piece of equipment allows for optimal positioning of the arm.

By having your Phlebotomy supplies ready at all times, you will be prepared, efficient and develop a reputation as an organized professional.

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