What Everybody Ought to Know About the Phlebotomy Pay Scale

The medical field appeals to many people because of its schedule flexibility, excellent compensation and numerous job openings.  If you are curious about a career in Phlebotomy, you may want to do some salary research on websites like Payscale.com to get an idea of what you might be paid. You can also read about it here.
Phlebotomists work in a variety of  settings like hospitals, private clinics, laboratories, doctors’ offices, blood centers, and many more. Because of the variety of work locations, Phlebotomy salaries may differ dramatically depending on where you chose to work.  Although salaries may differ, the flexibility in schedule may often help compensate for lower pay. (Read more: Get the Phlebotomy Salary You Deserve in One Negotiation)

Hourly Rate

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, US phlebotomists’ mean hourly rate is $14.86.  The hourly rate can range from $10.26 in the lowest paid 10% of the workforce to $20.48 in the highest paid 10% of the workforce. Insurance carriers who hired Phlebotomists tended to pay the best, coming in at $19.88 per hour, while Hospitals paid the least at $14.35 per hour.

Annual Salary

The annual salary of a Phlebotomist in the US (per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics) ranges from $21,340 to $42,600 and the median salary is $29,730.  Indeed.com confirms this finding, listing the average US Phlebotomist annual salary at $30,000. According to Indeed.com, Phlebotomists who work for Wellness Events can even garner as much as $44,000 annually.  California, New York, Alaska, Delaware, and Rhode Island are the best paying states.

Other Health Industry Wages

(All salary information is obtained from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.)

  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA): A certified nursing assistant has the lowest hourly pay rate with a range of $8.80 to $16.99. In 2013, the median CNA salary is around $24,420 per year.

  • Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPT): The median hourly rate of CPTs is $14.10 and the annual salary ranges from $20,580 to $42,400 with a median of $29,320.

  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN): A licensed practical nurse has an average hourly rate of $20.39 and a salary range from $30,970 to $57,360 per year with a median of $41,540.

  • Registered Nurse: Registered nurses garner the  highest wage of $21.65 to $45.54  per hour.  Annual salary ranges from $45,040 to $94,720 with a median of $65,470.

Keep in mind your Phlebotomy pay will vary depending on your geographical location within the US and also what type of facility employs you.  Your experience will also become a factor in how much you earn.  As you gain experience, you will command a higher salary.

Although there are many options for careers within the healthcare arena, Phlebotomy remains a strong choice for prospective students.  With the increasing demand for Phlebotomists and continuing growth of the healthcare field, Phlebotomy is an excellent career option.  Along with a relatively short training period and very few entrance requirements, Phlebotomists who graduate and take national licensure exams can command a strong salary and have potential for continuing growth.


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