Check Out These 5 Hospitals For Phlebotomy Jobs in San Diego

Phlebotomy jobs in San Diego continue to increase in many hospitals. California is known for its strong health care facilities. Their hospitals are equipped with the latest equipment used for different medical procedures. And with the rise in demand for patient care, more job opening will pop up year after year.

As San Diego hospitals continue to expand, they will continue to staff more and more medical professionals like phlebotomists.

Here are the top 5 hospitals that offer phlebotomy jobs in the San Diego area.

UC San Diego Medical Center

This hospital is home to different phlebotomy related professions. It was able to serve thousands of patients in its general medical and surgical facilities in the recent year. Aside from that, the emergency room facilities have served a steady inflow of different patients needing assistance daily. At the same time, it is a teaching hospital. This is an assurance that there is a need when it comes to opening phlebotomy positions in this hospital.

When talking about reputation, UC San Diego Medical Center is ranked #5 in the state of California and #1 in the San Diego vicinity. Therefore, this hospital is highly favored by many patients, and is recommended by families in San Diego.

Scripps La Jolla Hospitals and Clinics

In terms of adult specialties, Scripps La Jolla Hospitals and Clinics  are ranked #6 nationally. Also, it boasts of its high performance among 7 specialties in adult patient care. So good is the reputation of Scripps La Jolla Hospitals and Clinics that many patients highly prefer being admitted in these facilities whenever they need medical attention. With this being said, the need for phlebotomists is also clear. As a matter of fact, the number of clinics inside the facilities implies that there is a need for various phlebotomist positions for you.

Scripps Mercy Hospital

Scripps Mercy Hospital is a facility offering general medical, as well as surgical services. It has 439 patient beds, with more than 33,000 admissions during the recent year. Even the emergency room facility has helped more than 106,000 patients. These numbers serve as a testimony that there are a lot of phlebotomist positions being offered in this hospital.

Sharp Memorial Hospital

This hospital in San Diego has performed almost at the national level ranked in the U.S News of Best Hospitals, across 8 adult specialties. It is home to 400 patient beds, having served more than 19,000 patients in the latest year in which data are available. Phlebotomy positions are among the different opportunities available for you in this hospital.

Scripps Memorial Hospital-Encinitas

This surgical and general medical facility is ranked #37 in California, while it is also ranked #5 in the San Diego metropolitan area. It serves both inpatient and outpatient surgeries to different patients. This medical facility is accredited by the CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities).

If you’re interested in these hospitals, take a look at some of their career opportunities today! You should continue your medical career in a hospital that is reputable and offers a healthy working environment for you. If San Diego doesn’t open up doors for you, don’t lose hope. There are also phlebotomy jobs in California awaiting for you.

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