Three Well-Paid Phlebotomy Jobs in Rhode Island You Never Hear About

Phlebotomy jobs in RI (Rhode Island) continue to expand every year. Rhode Island is a bustling state which also boasts of its tremendous growth, especially within the recent years. This is precisely due to the progress in different industries currently existing in the area. Nowadays, we see new buildings being built, as well as new companies opening. This also means more job opportunities for many people. Different industries have undergone changes through time. One such industry is the medical field. These days, there are different professions in this field that has caught the attention of many individuals.

At the same time, there are also professions in the medical field that you might not have yet heard about. These professions are particularly related to the Phlebotomy field.  Here are three well-paid Phlebotomy jobs in Rhode Island that you may be interested learning about.

Top Phlebotomy Jobs in RI (Rhode Island)

Specimen Collections Technician

Average Salary: $36,000

The field of Phlebotomy can sometimes be considered as a broad category. There are specific professions under it. One of which is a Specimen Collections Technician. As suggested by the name, an SCT is a person that performs different clerical duties related to the preparation, compilation and maintenance of patient information, as well as other hospital records in a remote laboratory. They also arrange activities like scheduling patient tests, transcribing physicians’ orders, and translating them into transmittals. They also register patients, and prepare testing using different computer programs. In a nutshell, they often perform the functionalities and tasks of a laboratory assistant.

Paramedical Examiner

Average Salary: $37,000

Obtaining a job as a paramedical examiner is often an opportunity for those who already have the experience in the Phlebotomy field. The responsibilities of a Paramedical Examiner often include completion of mobile drug screenings, clinical trials, as well as insurance exams. As for the requirements, different medical facilities may post requirements depending on their need, but the general requirements may include a recent experience in being a Phlebotomist, skills in taking medical history, as well as vital signs, and also skills in human relations. The latter one typically requires the applicant to be tactful, courteous, and professional.

Phlebotomy Supervisor

Average Salary: $53,000

This job is usually regarded to as a leader role. Aside from supervising accuracy in blood collection at fixed, as well as mobile sites, a Phlebotomy supervisor also supervises a team. Thus, he or she is expected to provide a leadership that promotes donor care, safety and satisfaction of customers during the entire process of collecting blood. Also, being a supervisor requires demonstration of good skills in public relations in order to promote a professional and positive reputation with the American Red Cross. This person should also be able to work independently and with less supervision. At the same time, a phlebotomy supervisor should always adhere to predetermined quality standards.

Indeed, while Phlebotomy is a wide territory, having a job such as the ones mentioned above is possible if you are already equipped with the right knowledge needed in order for you to perform the duties required. One thing that you may have observed is that, all the three professions require experience in the phlebotomy field. Thus, if you are interested in landing a job in this field, it is very important to prepare yourself well.

Rhode Island isn’t the only state where phlebotomy jobs are skyrocketing. Texas also has one of the biggest medical centers in the country. (Read more: Why Medical Center Brings Top Phlembotomy Jobs in Houston, Texas). It’s evident now that this is one of the booming careers in the country. It’s up to you if you want to jump in the bandwagon. If you think that this is the right fit for you, then you’re in for a lot of opportunities.

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