The Five Best Phlebotomy Jobs in Dallas, TX

Are you looking for phlebotomy jobs in Dallas, TX? Texas is known as the cowboy and cowgirl state, and some of those cowboys and cowgirls choose to work in the medical field!  Specifically, they elect to specialize in phlebotomy.  There are a wide variety of jobs in this specialization, so here are a few to check out.

Five Top Phlebotomy Jobs in Dallas TX

Phlebotomy Technician II

Average Salary: $33,000

Phlebotomy technician II requires at least 2 years of phlebotomy experience.   Additionally, many employers require phlebotomy certification and CPR certification.  In some places, there will be a probationary period in which you must collect a certain number of successful specimen samples within a particular time frame.  You must have excellent communication skills.  You must also have some understanding of computers and be willing to learn.  As a phlebotomy technician II, you may earn approximately $33,000 a year.  Other duties may include:

  • Collecting blood specimen samples
  • Processing specimen
  • Performing accurate data entry for each patient
  • Providing point-of-care testing
  • Solving problems
  • Clerical duties as required

Phlebotomy Technician III

Average Salary: $34,000

If you aspire to take your phlebotomy career further, consider becoming a phlebotomy technician III.  In order to advance to this position, many employers require that you have an associate’s degree or substitute 4 years of experience.  You must have at least 2 years of experience as a phlebotomist.  You can expect to earn approximately $34,000 a year.  Certification is preferred.  Your duties may include:

  • Providing leadership to phlebotomy staff
  • Collecting blood specimen from patients
  • Processing specimen
  • Performing accurate data entry
  • Providing point-of-care testing

Customer Service Support Representative Specimen Management

Average Salary: $32,000

This position requires at a minimum of 1 – 3 years of experience.  If you want to continue in the medical field, but wish to take your career in another direction, becoming a customer service support representative specimen management employee may be a viable option for you.  You can expect to earn approximately $15 an hour.  Your job duties may include:

  • Responding to inquiries and problems
  • Researching, troubleshooting, and resolving customer problems
  • Performing clerical and administrative duties including phlebotomy documentation

Laboratory or Medical Technician

Average Salary: $43,000

In working in the phlebotomy specialization of the medical field, you can choose to work in a laboratory and be a laboratory or medical technician.  Both positions are essentially the same.  A medical technician may have a few more duties or require a little more experience and education.  You will need to be able to solve problems, learn new skills, understand complicated medical terminology and processes, and communicate effectively.  As a laboratory or medical technician, expect to earn around $43,000 a year.  Your duties may include:

  • Drawing blood specimen samples
  • Conducting simple lab tests and analyzing samples
  • Setting up specimen for testing
  • Entering accurate data regarding analysis of samples
  • Communicating results to appropriate parties

Supervisor Lab Support Services

Average Salary: $52,000

If you have an aptitude for leadership, consider becoming a supervisor.  You will be responsible for a team of employees that work in the laboratory department.  You will need to have effective written and verbal communication skills, knowledge of multiple aspects of the processes used in the laboratory, ability to solve problems quickly and effectively, knowledge of computers, and leadership skills.  You must have a minimum of an associate’s degree and 5 years of experience.  However, in return, you can expect to earn approximately $25 an hour.  Your duties may include:

  • Supervising the routine activities of the laboratory department
  • Providing onsite supervision and troubleshooting for specimen receiving and processing
  • Communicating with the manager as needed
  • Acting as a role model for other employees
  • Communicating expertly regarding patient testing needs
  • Communicating about problems and upgrades
  • Acting as a liaison
  • Establishing priorities, routines, work flow patterns
  • Ensuring prompt and efficient service
  • Assisting the manager in developing policies and procedures
  • Assisting in hiring, firing, orienting, and training employees
  • Performing phlebotomy procedures as required
  • Maintaining effective communication with all staff
  • Helping to improve lab quality
  • Verifying orders and reconciling all lab results
  • Sending all appropriate information to the correct recipient

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