The Best Phlebotomy Jobs in Columbus, Ohio

Phlebotomy jobs in Columbus, Ohio continue to grow as the demand for medical professionals continues to increase across the United States. Now is one of the best times to start a career in phlebotomy. No matter what your experience level is, there are job opening available for all phlebotomy professionals looking for a proper pay for their skills.

Below are several options for those with phlebotomy skills. We’ll discuss the average salary of each position in addition to the job duties of each. There are many career options available to someone who has developed skills in phlebotomy such as Phlebotomist, Patient Services Technician, PST Specialist (Phlebotomist), Operations Supervisor, Medical Screener etc.

The Top Phlebotomy Jobs in Columbus Ohio


Average Salary: $27,000

A Phlebotomists’ job duties include;

  • Helping in determining the chance of donors suffering plasmapheresis before venipuncture.
  • Responding to and helping with donor responses in accordance with the guiding principle.
  • Preparing donors for venipuncture.
  • Completing venipuncture.
  • Monitoring equipment and donors to ensure quality of products and the health of donors.
  • Maintaining correct and thorough certification of production records and ensuring donor privacy.
  • Making sure the suitable maintenance and calibration of autopheresis machines and related equipment is done. Possibly being trained to restore autopheresis apparatus.

Patient Services Technician

Average Salary: $39,000

The job duties of a Patient Service Technician include;

  • Completing specimen collection by both capillary puncture and venipuncture.
  • Processing and labeling specimen.
  • Verifying the quality and accuracy of dispatched specimen, specimen testing locations, and equipment.
  • Completing test requisitions.
  • Greeting and directing patients throughout the lab.
  • Collecting and completing essential patient information.

PST Specialist (Phlebotomist)

Average Salary: $27,000

The job duties of a PST Specialist include;

  • Preparing, packing, and shipping specimen.
  • Collecting patient information for processing.
  • Working with new accuracy tools and electronic reporting, allowing you to possibly raise patients’ success rates.

Medical Screener

Average Salary: $20,000

Job duties of a Medical Screener include;

  • Performing donor health history screening for eligibility.
  • Conducting blood drives and sustain functions as assigned.
  • Showing excellence in customer service and community relations to endorse a professional, positive image of your employer.
  • Paying attention to donor stories and help them understand the worth of their donation.
  • Helping a team member at any time you can.

Operations Supervisor

Average Salary: $41,000

The job duties of an Operations Supervisor include;

  • Attending all necessary staff and training meetings.
  • Supervising plasma collection, donor selection, and all developed records.
  • Maintaining the capability to perform all responsibilities within the plasma center, as needed.

The opportunities in Columbus, Ohio are almost endless. No matter what level of experience you have, there is a perfect job waiting for you.

If you don’t yet have the experience to apply for the job you’re hoping for, then don’t give up. Apply for a position that’s suitable for your experience, and in time, you can hold the job that you’ve dreamed of.

Remember, employers are all about finding good people. Once you’ve proven that you’re an asset to the company, promotions will be forthcoming.

If you are ready to start an exciting new career, clean up your resume and apply today!

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