The Best Phlebotomy Jobs in Columbus, GA

Phlebotomy jobs in Columbus GA grow with each passing year. Are you dreaming of a job in the medical field? Then, you should consider a position in phlebotomy.

Those specializing in phlebotomy have several options that start at an entry level, then continue to grow in pay and in responsibility as you gain more experience.

There are many career options available to someone who has developed skills in phlebotomy such as Mobile Field Examiner, Phlebotomist, Team Leader of Phlebotomy Services, PST Specialist (Phlebotomist), PST Supervisor (Phlebotomy), Patient Services Technician, Phlebotomy Operations Supervisor, and Medical Screener.

Below we’ll cover a few job opportunities and what to expect to do for each job.

Top Phlebotomy Jobs in Columbus GA

PST Supervisor (Phlebotomy)

Average Salary: $43,000

The duties of a PST Supervisor may include;

  • Supervising the everyday activities of Patient Service Centers.
  • Supervising the behavior of Patient Service Technicians and offices within the area, according to established procedures and policies.
  • Connecting with clients and lab staff to make sure performance is optimal.

Job Requirements:

  • Licensure or certification. A Bachelor’s Degree is preferred.
  • 1-3 years of job experience in related field.
  • Prior supervisory and Phlebotomy experience.


Operations Supervisor

Average Salary: $43,000

The job duties of an Operations Supervisor include;

  • Maintaining the capability to perform all responsibilities within the plasma center, if needed.
  • Completing the role of production workers and oversee donor flow.
  • Supervising plasma collection, donor selection, and all records to maintain the maximum production standards in conformity with State and Federal regulations and the FDA standard.
  •  Attending all necessary staff  and training meetings.

PST Specialist (Phlebotomist)

Average Salary: $28,000

Do you love to interact with others and do you enjoy taking care of patients? Then the PST Specialist is the position for you. As a PST Specialist your duties may include;

  • Working with new accuracy tools and electronic reporting, potentially letting you raise your success rates with patients.
  • Obtaining, preparing, packing, and shipping specimens.
  • Possibly collecting patient information for processing.

Mobile Field Examiner

Average Salary: $59,000

The Mobile Field Examiner has the following job duties;

  • Completing specimen collection and handling, and performing paramedical exams.
  • Completing ECG tracings.
  • Scheduling applicant appointments and keeping their records.
  • Communicating daily to your office regarding work on special projects and the status of cases.

To be eligible, you should have:

  • Current licensure.
  • Medical training.
  • A type of certification.
  • One or more years of Phlebotomy experience.
  • Finished 100 draws in the last two years.

This job is closely related to being a mobile phlebotomist but with slight differences. Read more about it here.



Average Salary: $29,000

The job duties of a Phlebotomist include;

  • Collecting various specimen, including; finger sticks and venipunctures on inpatients, outpatients, and ER patients.
  • Correctly identifying a patient using definite protocol as summarized in the Phlebotomy Procedure guidebook.
  • Giving explanation of procedures to patients before starting.
  • Retrieving collection batches, printing labels, performing routine maintenance on printers, and reviewing and printing pending lists.

Job Requirements:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Phlebotomy Certification or Medical Assistant Certification.

As you can see there are a variety of job opportunities available in Columbus. So if you’re interested, brush up your resume, and apply to a job today!

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