The Best Phlebotomy Jobs in California

There are so many medical career opportunities and phlebotomy jobs in California.  With a phlebotomy certification, you can get a quality job like the ones listed below!

Five Phlebotomy Jobs in California To Apply For

Phlebotomy Outreach

Average Salary: $44,000

A phlebotomy outreach is, in effect, a supervisor.  However, there are quite a few unique aspects of the job.  Your responsibilities would include:

  • Providing oversight and supervision of daily activities
  • Assisting in completing personnel performance documentation
  • Assisting in training
  • Assisting in completing competency documentation
  • Helping with scheduling
  • Providing coverage when needed
  • Displaying problem solving skills

To perform this job successfully, it is recommended that you have at least 3 years of experience in phlebotomy with all ages of patients.  You need at least one year of leadership experience.  It is essential that you are able to communicate effectively, either in writing or verbally.

Certified Phlebotomy Technician II

Average Salary: $35,000

Generally a phlebotomy technician II is a team leader.  In addition to regular phlebotomy technician duties, you can expect to:

  • Facilitate phlebotomy services
  • Facilitate specimen processing
  • Facilitate result reporting
  • Orient and train new employees
  • Organize and monitor workflow
  • Prepare and adjust schedules, including break schedules
  • Assign staff duties in order to maximize phlebotomy services
  • Establish new work methods and procedures
  • Monitor data entry, ensuring that test ordering, registration, and interface errors are recognized
  • Complete documentation of corrective action forms, employee performance, and competence
  • Complete inventory, stocking, and reordering
  • Perform quality control
  • Prepare samples for transportation to laboratories or storage
  • Answer phone inquiries
  • Perform maintenance of equipment

In order to successfully attain this position, it is recommended that the phlebotomy technician II have knowledge of clinical lab test names and synonyms.  You must show effective communication skills.  A willingness to learn new tasks and technical information is also very important.  Most employers prefer those that have quality control experience and at least 3 years of phlebotomy experience.

Hospital Laboratory Assistant III

Average Salary: $35,000

A hospital laboratory assistant III acts as a team leader.  Your job entails:

  • Helping with phlebotomy services, specimen processing, and result reporting, as well as ensuring proper protocol is followed by all employees
  • Helping to orient new employees in all aspects of the position hired
  • Helping to organize and monitor workflow, adjusting schedules as needed to accommodate changes
  • Helping to complete documentation regarding patients, as well as employees
  • Perform clerical duties as needed

To succeed as a hospital laboratory assistant III, you need to know medical terminology, including bodily functions and systems.  You need to know infection control procedures, and you must be able to learn new technical information as well as understand complex tasks.  Effective written and verbal communication is necessary.  You will be especially qualified for this position if you have the ability to troubleshoot lab-related issues and quality assurance requisitions.

Medical Assistant III

Average Salary: $40,000

You will need additional education and training to be a medical assistant III.   Generally, a medical assistant certification is necessary, as well as at least 2 years of experience.  You will need to obtain and maintain current CPR certification.  It is recommended you become certified to perform limited x-ray duties, as well as complete injections.  In return, you can expect to earn approximately $40,000 a year.  Your job duties may require you to:

  • Participate in total patient care
  • Recognize normal and abnormal symptoms
  • Remain calm and assist during life-threatening emergencies
  • Perform clerical duties, such as scheduling patient appointments and referrals
  • Complete patient documentation
  • Obtain accurate vital signs
  • Adhere to safety regulations by OSHA PPE safety
  • Communicate sensitive information
  • Assist in the orientation of new staff
  • Order medical supplies
  • Adhere to required policies, procedures, communication, and work standards
  • Facilitate smooth work/patient flow
  • Assist with procedural set up for physicians

Phlebotomy Instructor

Average Salary: $39,000

Your job duties may include:

  • Using workplace experience to facilitate student learning
  • Teaching and mentoring students using provided curriculum
  • Providing real-life stories and examples
  • Monitoring student learning through thorough, quality instructions
  • Reporting evaluations and outcomes of student learning
  • Meeting course objectives and requirements
  • Providing a safe, positive, and supportive learning environment
  • Maintaining and submitting accurate records according to deadlines

This position requires phlebotomy certification for both California and national certification with 3 to 5 years of experience in phlebotomy or teaching within the last 5 years.  You must be passionate about the field and show an aptitude for teaching it to others.  You must have excellent communication skills.  As a phlebotomy instructor, you can expect to earn approximately $39,000 a year.

With all of these phlebotomy jobs waiting to be filled, what are you waiting for? Apply now!

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