How Phlebotomy Courses Can Get You a Job in Weeks

You may have heard that phlebotomy courses can get you a job fast. Many success stories about phlebotomy careers have been enough proof that it is indeed a career with wide possibilities. But just how long does it really take to earn this career?

Fortunately, Phlebotomy Technicians continue to grow in demand as healthcare job opportunities explode in the United States.  As a result, many phlebotomy programs have popped up across the United States to get medical professionals trained quickly.

How long do phlebotomy courses take?

The answer to this question generally depends on the course being offered and the institution offering it. If you decide to enroll in a traditional college program, you may be required to take classes within a quarter or semester model.  Typically, this approach will take longer because the class time will be spread out over the quarter or semester to allow the program to fall in sync with the rest of the school.

However, if you opt for a career college, there are programs that complete in as little as six weeks.  You can finish your training in a short amount of time and get ready to take your national certification exam.  One note of caution-you must be sure that your program qualifies you to sit for national certification prior to enrolling.

Will a phlebotomy course improve my chances of landing a job?

If you want to get into the healthcare industry and currently have no training, then absolutely!  By getting your education and national certification, you place yourself among an elite group of people who are uniquely qualified to work in a wide variety of settings as a Phlebotomy Technician.  The only way to start on the path to joining that group is by enrolling in a Phlebotomy course.

Maybe you have goals of becoming a lab technician or a nurse, but you either can’t afford school right now or you aren’t quite ready.  By enrolling in a Phlebotomy course, you are taking a step toward realizing that goal.  You will get your start in the medical field that can later lead to a dream job when you finish the degree you want.

How much work experience and education is required to get a job as a Phlebotomy Technician?

Most institutions will require that you have completed your Phlebotomy training course through recognized program.  Additionally, many of them either prefer or require that you have your national certification and are a Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT).  You may be able find a job that doesn’t require the certification, however it will make you more marketable if you complete your certification.

Some larger hospitals and institutions will want you to have 6 months of experience before you can apply to their Phlebotomy Technician positions.  You may want to try to get experience at smaller clinics and medical offices that are more willing to hire new graduates.  Putting in some time at a job that isn’t quite perfect will set you up to find the perfect position at a later time.

In the end…

Phlebotomy programs can be completed in a very short amount of time, depending on where you choose to study.  If you complete your training and certification, even with little or no experience, you can be ready to look for jobs in no time.

Find a phlebotomy course below, and apply today!

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