Have You Seen These Schools for Phlebotomy Certification in San Diego?

Discover the best schools for phlebotomy certification San Diego has available! Since phlebotomy continues to rise in popularity, San Diego has several options available to get certified. In our list below, we review schools that have both quality teaching and reasonable costs.

So if you live in San Diego, consider the following programs:

San Diego Mesa College

san diego mesa

7250 Mesa College Drive
San Diego, California 92111

The San Diego Mesa College in San Diego, California is a community college that offers 2 year degrees and certifications. The Phlebotomy certificate program involves the successful completions of three units; Basic Phlebotomy, Phlebotomy Practicum, and Advanced Phlebotomy. You, also, have to complete 50 to 100 credit hours. After you complete the course of your choice, you can sit for a test and submit an application for licensure or certification within the state of California.

 Universal Schools & Colleges

If you enjoy a fast paced course, the Universal Schools & Colleges of Health and Human Services’ Phlebotomy program is for you. Aside from the exciting course, they, also, offer assistance in job placement and creating resumes. Phlebotomy students have access to an open lab when they please. The course is only 5 weeks long, so if you need a more hand-on approach to learning, this course isn’t for you.

Kaplan College San Diego


9055 Balboa Avenue
San Diego, CA 92123

The Phlebotomy Technician course at Kaplan College has both lab hours and lectures that emphasize the Anatomy and Physiology of the circulatory system. Subjects include infection control and laboratory safety, the functions of the medical laboratory, medical terminology, blood collection equipment, and laboratory requisition processes. The classes will, also, touch on; anatomical site selection, patient identification and preparation, pediatric and geriatric draw techniques, and difficult draws. The course is graded on a pass/fail basis. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a certificate.

Laboratory sessions include the following:

  • Working with phlebotomy equipment
  • Drawing blood
  • Practicing venipunctures, butterfly draws, and capillary draws

This course is graded on the pass/fail basis. Upon successful finishing of the short course, you will be awarded a certificate. 

Family Health Services Training Center

phlebotomy training san diego

3500 5th Ave., # 203
San Diego, CA 92103

The Family Health Services Training Center provides an advanced Phlebotomy training program. The program takes approximately 6 weeks to complete and is a 170 credit hours. The cost of the full course is $2,100. The course is recommended for students who have no experience because the only prerequisite is a high school diploma or GED.

Other Programs for Phlebotomy in California

If neither of the above programs interest you, you should still find medical training in California. Since California requires someone to have a phlebotomy certification in order to practice phlebotomy, you must find training somewhere. Browse some more options in California below.

Find a program you like so that you can get your license in California. To obtain a license you need sufficient work experience, a completed training program, and a passing grade on the certification exam.


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