Top 5 Phlebotomist Salary Questions Answered

What is the average phlebotomist salary?

As with any job, education, location and job demand will play a large role in determining salary. But according to, the average salary of a phlebotomist is around $34,000 per year.

phlebotomist-salary-average reports the average salary of a Phlebotomy Technician at $34,000 a year

Certain areas have a higher average salary, such as Mississippi, West Virginia and New York, where salaries range from $38,000 to $44,000 per year. Hourly pay ranges from $14 to $25 per hour, with a median of about $20 per hour. (Also read: What Everybody Ought to Know About the Phlebotomy Pay Scale)

In general, a phlebotomist will be paid well enough to live independently. And as you gain more experience as a phlebotomist, you’ll see that phlebotomy pay can be quite lucrative.

What will increase a phlebotomy technician’s salary?

The number one thing that will increase a phlebotomy technician’s salary is time. More specifically, experience.

As an example, let’s take a phlebotomist who works in Houston, Texas, a city famous for its medical center, strong employment, and lower cost of living. With absolutely no experience, the median salary of a Phlebotomist is $26,000.


A phlebotomy salary will start off at around $26,000 per year.

But after 4 years of experience, the Phlebotomist’s median salary jumps to $30,000. That’s a 15% increase!


But the phlebotomist salary clearly jumps with a few years of experience!

The longer you stay within the field, the more you will earn. Starting salaries for phlebotomy technicians with one year or less of experience average between $18,000 to $20,000 per year. One to four years of experience averages $23,000 to $30,000 per year and more than five years of experience nets an average salary of over $30,000 per year.

Which employers pay the highest phlebotomy salary?

The type of employer will change what you can potentially make. A phlebotomy technician in a hospital clinic can make $20,000 to $33,000 per year. Working for a private company, such as Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp will net you $29,000 to $39,000 per year.

Working odd hours will usually increase pay. While private companies are not usually open overnight and on weekends, hospitals will generally pay more for shifts during these off hours.


Phlebotomy salaries will rise when you take the late night shift!

How does pay differ between states for someone in phlebotomy?

Another huge factor in pay rate is location. Two states at the top of the pay scale are California and New York, averaging $12 to $20 per hour. The state with the lowest median pay is Georgia, averaging $9 to $12 per hour.

But you must not forget to factor in cost of living with each of these states as well. New York may pay well, but it also has a notoriously high cost of living. Of course, you can’t change where you live. But you need to take that into account whenever an employer gives you a job offer.

When you negotiate your salary with an employer, it’s good to know the median and averages for the US. But if your employer is offering you a lower salary than the average, it’s probably because the average for your state is lower! Before you accuse your employer of being a cheapskate, make sure to check the average salaries for your particular state. Even for your city!

What does the career track look like for a phlebotomy technician?

For many employers, there is not a career track for phlebotomy technicians. While salary raises come with experience, the job title and responsibilities usually stay the same. One exception to this is if the facility has a supervisor position. This position may still do some blood draws, but spends the majority of their time managing the staff of phlebotomy technicians. A supervisor can expect to make $5,000 – $7,000 more than the median pay in a similar location with similar experience.

Look through job listings now, and browse phlebotomy salaries in your area!

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