How to Earn an Online Phlebotomy Certification

Starting a new career takes time and effort. It’s not always possible to take a few weeks or months away from life to attend classes at a brick and mortar institution. Luckily, a growing number of online phlebotomy certification options are available. In these online programs, you can do the coursework on your own schedule, at your own pace.


What will an online phlebotomy course cover?

Different programs will cover a different range of topics. Most will include:

  • Basic laboratory safety
  • Basic medical terminology
  • Anatomy & physiology
  • Basic information about blood
  • Infection control guidelines
  • Blood sampling procedures such as venipuncture
  • Proper waste disposal
  • Legal issues
  • Customer service

Where can I earn a phlebotomy certification online?

There are many places to pursue a phlebotomy program online. Spend some time researching to find one that meets your needs.

Contra Costa Medical Career College Online (

  • Two different courses: Advanced and Basic. Both include application exercises, videos, quizzes and exams, and are designed to be 20+ hours long each
  • If you have at least 6 months experience, no externship is required
    • On the job experience must be documented by an MD or lab manager
    • Only need to take Advanced Course
    • For those with less than 6 months experience, no externship is required
      • On the job experience must be documented by an MD or lab manager
      • Need to take Basic and Advanced Course
    • For those with no experience
      • Must complete a 40-hour externship
      • Externship will not be set up through the program, but must be at an approved location
    • Basic Course: $299 (plus textbook, ~$55)
    • Advanced Course: $399  (plus textbook, ~$55)
    • Externship location needs to be approved by the College.
    • Then documentation of experience needs to be provided before applying to sit for a National Certification, however, the externship can be taken before, during or after the coursework.

Phlebotomy Career Training (

  • Michigan state licensed propriety school
  • This online phlebotomy class requires documentation of 25 successful blood draws prior to graduation.
    • If you are a local student, there is a complementary externship to obtain this experience
    • If not local, you will be required to obtain and document this experience on your own
    • $299 for the course, with additional videos and study guides available for extra
    • The online course consists of videos and coursework with a single final exam. You will then be eligible to sit for a national certification exam.

Family Health Services Phlebotomy Training (

  • California State Approved
  • For California state residents:
    • Individuals with No Experience who want a CPTI(Certified Phlebotomy Technician) need to complete both a Basic and the Advanced Course. These two courses combine to satisfy the didactic requirement of the California Phlebotomy Training Law. Then you must complete 40 hours of of in-person experience at an externship.
    • Individuals with No Experience who want to become an LPT(Limited Phlebotomy Technicians) need to take only the Basic Course. No externship is required, but individuals need to have 25 documented, successful blood draws to receive certification.
    • Individuals with at least 6 months experience who want a CPTI need to complete only the Advanced Course. No externship is required.
    • Individuals with less than 6 months experience may be required to complete both courses. No externship is required.

What requirements are needed to get my certification?

Phlebotomy is not a nationally licensed occupation. While most states do not require a license, check with the health department for specific guidelines in your state.

  • California requires all phlebotomists to be certified and have a state license. To obtain this, you must have high school diploma, GED or equivalent. The licensing requires 50 successful venipunctures, 10 successful skin punctures and at least 40 hours of clinical training on live patients. If you already have this experience, you only need to attend a program to complete 20 hours of advanced classes. If you have no experience, you must complete the above along with 20 hours of basic classes, 20 hours of advanced classes and 40 hours of practical training.
  • Most other states do not require a license or certification. However, many employers prefer a certification from a nationally recognized source. This may be waived if you have enough experience in the field.


Do online programs require any in-person experience?

The coursework for online programs will be entirely online. However, all certifications require live blood draws. So, after you complete your coursework, you will still need to find an externship or any other opportunity which allows you to document blood draws.


How much does an online phlebotomy program cost?

As with most programs, there is a range of prices. Online phlebotomy programs range from $200 – $800. The price will largely depend on how long the course is and what is supplied along with it. If the certification is part of a degree program, tuition will almost certainly cost more.


Why should I take a phlebotomy class online?

There are many reasons why you should take a phlebotomy class online. Online classes are the ultimate in flexibility. You can fit the course to your own schedule without needed to commute to a classroom every day. With online classes, distance is not a problem. If the class that best suits your needs is located in a school across the country, this isn’t a problem if it’s offered online. Without the overhead of a brick and mortar institution, online classes are often more cost-effective than traditional training programs.


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