Why a Mobile Phlebotomist Job Could Be Perfect For You

A phlebotomist is someone who draws blood in a hospital or clinical setting. Being one isn’t completely a one-dimensional job. There are many other different responsibilities depending on the job description.

One of the interesting careers as phlebotomist is going out for a day’s work or go on field. A phlebotomist doesn’t have to be stuck in a clinic all day.

What if someone needs their blood drawn and can’t make it to the hospital? That is when a mobile phlebotomist pays a house call, taking the clinic to the patient.

What is a mobile phlebotomist?

The median age of the population in the United States is trending upwards. Baby boomers are getting older and with this advancing age, travel can become more difficult. Physical ailments, age and some diseases make getting to a clinic for some, very difficult. This has resulted in a growing need for mobile phlebotomy.

A typical day for a mobile phlebotomist will start with a quick trip to the clinic. At the clinic, you’ll get the day’s schedule and possibly a company vehicle. From there you will head out to one or more patients’ houses to draw blood. Once the properly label blood is stored correctly, you will return to the clinic to process the blood and fill out the accompanying paperwork.

Who employs mobile phlebotomists?

Any company that employs a phlebotomist might consider hiring a mobile employee. Blood centers and independent laboratories are more likely to have a mobile phlebotomist than a large place like a hospital, since hospitals draw blood in house. Mobile phlebotomists are more likely to be hired in areas that have a patient population that has a hard time getting around on their own. People who are physically challenged due to age or illness will need these services.

Is the pay steady?

Pay for a mobile phlebotomist is as varied as any profession. Many are salaried, while others are paid hourly. The national average salary is $25,000 – 30,000, with team leaders and supervisors earning slightly higher. However the pay will usually be higher than a normal phlebotomist, with adjustments depending on the area of the country.

Why should I consider mobile phlebotomy?

Going mobile has several benefits. The first is the higher pay. Nationally, mobile phlebotomists make $2,000-3,000 more per year than their non-mobile counterparts. Another plus for some people is the independence of the job. Working solo or occasionally with a partner, a mobile phlebotomist works without supervision for the majority of the day.

Look through job listings now, and find a mobile phlebotomist position today!

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