How to Get Phlebotomy Experience

Getting a job in a field in which you have no experience is tough. This is especially true in any medically related field, like phlebotomy. Learning how to get phlebotomy experience will open up many employment opportunities. After you have one year of experience, you will have many more job options.


I have no phlebotomy experience and no certification, can I still become a phlebotomist?

Most places will require either experience or formal training (such as a certificate). Luckily, some phlebotomist positions will hire with as little as six months experience if you have a certification.

  • The best place to get experience is through an accredited educational program. If that isn’t an option, then you need to know the right people.
  • Make sure the blood draws you do are supervised by a medical professional, you will need them to document your experience.


Where should I apply if I have no experience?

Another option is to volunteer your time for free. Public health agencies are almost always understaffed and may need help with phlebotomy services. This could include places like Red Cross, Veterans’ hospitals, drug treatment centers and plasma donation centers. Visit the website or call and ask about volunteer opportunities. Specify that you’re hoping to get some phlebotomy experience, and they may be able to get you in somewhere close.

Again, be sure to document the number of venipunctures you perform, as evidence of your growing experience.


Without experience, what should I put on my resume?

Remember, a good resume has a story. While experience might be the most important thing a prospective employer will look at, don’t forget about your other qualities. Customer service and working with people are important aspects of being a phlebotomist. You need to explain the procedure to the patient and make them feel comfortable, so list anything relevant like retail or serving. Phlebotomy is a medical profession, so list anything medically related. If you volunteered in a hospital or nursing home, be sure to explain your duties there. Sample labeling and attention to detail are extremely important as a phlebotomist. List any job you have had that required extreme attention to detail.


What if I can’t find a phlebotomy job?

Don’t give up! Even if you don’t have 6 months experience, don’t let that stop you from applying. Many places will end up retraining you “their way” and are looking for just the right personality fit. Make sure your resume looks professional and a well-written cover letter can open doors.

Look through job listings now, and notice that many postings don’t even require more than 6 months of experience!

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